UAN Portal – Logging In, Registration, Activation & Passbook Download

The full form of UAN is Universal Account Number and it was rolled out to unify all the provident fund account numbers for one person. It should also be noted that the UAN number is issued by Ministry of Labour and Employment and all the old PF accounts have already been migrated to this new system.

A person switching his job automatically gets his new Provident Fund number linked to the old UAN number and this also makes managing all the PF accounts easy. In addition to this, the UAN also makes it easy to transfer or withdraw PF through online process.

Before we talk about the UAN portal and the services offered by the portal, you must know that the UAN provided to you is a 12 digit number and if you can’t recall the number then you can also retrieve it with the use of the portal.

UAN Login– How to Login on EPFO Portal

Gone are the days when you had to visit the EPFO Office or your Employer to withdraw or Transfer your Provident Fund Money. Today, you can do all this with help of the EPFO members Portal. This is right, you can avail many services with UAN Login and this eliminates the need for moving here and there for a smile task.

Some of the services available with help of EPFO Member Login are –

  • Checking the Passbook
  • Transfer of Provident Fund
  • Withdrawal of Provident Fund
  • Updating the Contact Details
  • Registering the Nominee
  • Changing the Password
  • Downloading the UAN Card.
  • Checking the status of Request

Apart from that, there are many other services available with help of EPFO Portal. There are many other numerable services that can be taken with help of the portal. The government is also in continues endeavor to provide best and the updated services to the people with help of this EPFO Login.

But do you know that you need to login to your EPFO Account to avail these services? Well, do not worry if you are not aware of the process as the steps to log in to your UAN Account is listed below

The only pre-requisite to log in to your account is that you should have registered your UAN.

Step 1

Go to the official page of EPFO and you can navigate to this page with help of the URL Listed below.


Step 2

On the EPF India Website, hover your mouse over Out Services and click on the Employee Option. This will now take you to the Employee Portal of EPF India Website. You can alternatively use the link listed below.


Step 3

From the Members Portal, navigate below and you will notice a column from Services. Click on Member UAN / Online Services (OCS/OTCP) option. If you are not able to find the option then use the link below. You will now be on the Login page.


Step 4

Simply enter your UAN and Password along with the security code shown in the image. You will now be redirected to the Dashboard of your UAN Account. You can avail any service from here and it should be noted that your KYC should be registered with your UAN Number.

This was all about EPFO Login and for any other issue, you can contact the EPFO Helpdesk during the working hours.

Provident Fund and Its Benefits

Provident Fund is not a new concept and it had been also known as a Pension Fund. The reason for this is the fact that Provident Fund helps in securing the future of the employee. The amount deposited in the Provident Fund can be used for the employee after retirement to run his daily expenses. In addition to this, the amount can also be used while buying a house or any such major expense.

The monthly deduction comes with several benefits and here are some of the benefits offered by the provident fund.

  • Pension Fund – The PF has basically three components, one is the employer contribution, the other is employee contribution and the third one is the pension fund. The PF has a dedicated pension fund which helps the employee in future.
  • Marriage and Education Expense – The employee can withdraw the PF in case of his marriage or child’s marriage. This certainly helps a lot in meeting a lot of expense. Apart from this, the employee can also withdraw the funds for educational expense.
  • Group Insurance – The PF can also provide the benefits of insurance to the employee when the group insurance is missing in the company. This is another benefit of the PF.
  • Home Purchase – Apart from marriage and education expense, it is possible to withdraw PF during the purchase of the new house. This helps in reducing the burden of the loan and it certainly comes as a great advantage.
  • Sickness – If you or any of your family member is suffering from a life-threatening disease then you can get in touch with the HR and withdraw a portion of Provident Fund for meeting the medical expense.

The purpose of Introduction of UAN

At some point in time, you must have thought about the reason why the government is rolling out UAN. Well, the government had a strong reason to roll out this new portal as there were some real problems associated with the old portal.

The new system helped in centralizing the database and at the same time, it also digitalized the system. All of a sudden, it became really easy to transfer and withdraw PF. All the information was now listed under one common UAN and hence the employee was now able to see the details with a lot of transparency.

The objective of Universal Account Number

UAN came into existence with one basic objective of making things easy for the employee as well as the employer. In addition to this, another objective of the UAN was to reduce the inter-dependency of the employee as well as the employer. The employee can now himself apply for the transfer or withdrawal which also reduces the workload of the employer.

In addition to this, the UAN also created a central database of the employee which made it possible to check the employment history of an employer easily. This also helped in verification of the employee and hence tracking was made easy.

Unique Features of Universal Account Number

There are several features of UAN which makes it unique and it is also the reason why UAN is a success. You must know about these features of UAN to understand the system in details. Here are all the features of UAN

  • All employees are issued only with one UAN and that remains same for the life. It is not possible to get multiple UAN or to change UAN with job changes.
  • All the EPF accounts are listed under one UAN and the transfer can be made from only account to new one.
  • The status of your UAN would not change with the job change and it would remain active.
  • It is mandatory to register KYC to avail PF transfer or PF withdrawal service.
  • All the employers would register the employee with EPFO and hence a UAN would be generated with help of the information provided by the employee.
  • It makes it possible for the employer to track the job switches of the employee as all the details are listed under UAN.
  • The employee can put in a transfer request for PF and the new employer can approve the request for PF Transfer.
  • UAN is a central database and hence it is possible to link the PF Number even when the employee is moving to another city.

These were all the features of UAN and now let us look at the advantages offered by Universal Account Number.

Advantages of UAN to Provident Fund Holder

As mentioned earlier, UAN was rolled out to benefit all the provident fund account holders as it was really difficult to withdraw PF in earlier days. Majority of people preferred to withdraw their money or keep it as it is instead of transferring the PF to the new account as it was a troublesome process. UAN came in inception and it started offering a lot of benefits to the PF holder and here are some of the benefits

  • Auto-Migration – All the old accounts of the PF were automatically migrated to UAN and hence the PF account holders didn’t have to do anything. They were all given a UAN number associated with their account.
  • All under one Roof – People with multiple accounts now had all the PF accounts under one roof and hence it became really easy to track different PF accounts. There was no chance of missing out on any account for the people who had multiple accounts.
  • SMS Notification – People also started receiving SMS notifications about the updates on their UAN Account. The people would get a message about the deposits on the PF account.
  • East Withdrawal and Transfer – with the UAN, the transfer of PF and withdrawal of PF became really easy. There was no involvement of old employer and the lengthy documentation just vanished.
  • Power of Compounding – People stopped withdrawing PF money after switching job and they started transferring their PF. This way, they were able to witness the true power of compounding and this helped a lot after people’s retirement.

Advantages of UAN to Employee

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, the employee received many other benefits from the new system and made UAN a success. The employee was now much more confident about the whole system and with time, the system is still getting better.

  • Loan Facility – Employee was now able to obtain the loan on basis of the balance in their PF account. The PF statement could be downloaded with the online medium and the loan was offered by many banks on behalf of the same. The PF account balance worked as a collateral in such cases.
  • No interference from Employer – The employer can easily withdraw or transfer the PF from one account to another and there was no involvement of the old employer in any of the process. This was the greatest advantage received by the employee
  • Online Transfer and Online Withdrawal – Online Withdrawal and Online Transfer offered much higher control to the users now and in addition to this, the system also allowed the employee to withdraw partial PF which is again subjected to some conditions.
  • Future Planning – Employee can now track the PF balance in real time and this helped them in planning for their retirement. They were now able to see the amount of interest they are earning and the value of the total corpus in their PF account.

Advantages of UAN to Employer

UAN not only benefits the employee but it also benefits the employer. There are several benefits offered to the employer after the inception of the new system and here is the list of some of the benefits that employer got after UAN came into existence.

  • Reduce the Workload – The creation of UAN reduced the workload for the employer as the people now had the control of their PF account and the people were now able to put in an online request for what they wanted.
  • Profile Verification – Employers could not verify the profile of the new joiner as they had the UAN detail and the UAN had the list of all the employers where the employee worked in past. This was another benefit to the employer
  • Profile Creation – It also became possible to create a new profile for the employee with minimal paperwork. All this can now be done through online medium.
  • Bulk Creation and Updation – The employer can now do a bulk update with help of the UAN and this saves a lot of time for the employer.

Getting the UAN Number

A lot of people may ask that how can they get their UAN number and here is the answer to this question. Simply follow the process mentioned below to get your UAN Number

  • It should be noted that the UAN number is given to each employee by their employer and this number is given to the employers by the Employee Provident Fund Organization. In addition to this, the employer is the one who would make a contribution on behalf of the employee.
  • While joining the company, the employee needs to fill in the form to register for the UAN and in addition to this, there are some documents required by the employer for getting a UAN Number for the employee.
  • The document includes the identity proof, address proof, and bank account details. Once these documents are submitted, the employer will initiate the KYC verification.
  • In the next stage, the employers will create a PF number along with a UAN number for the employee. The employee will get a message after the UAN number is created.
  • Once all the process is complete, the employee would be able to activate their UAN.
  • If in case the employees do not remember his UAN then he can go to the Members Portal and then go to the Know Your Status Form.
  • On this form, the employee would have to fill in the various details and authenticate the request by entering the OTP he received on the mobile.
  • Post authentication, the employee will receive the UAN number on his mobile number. The link for knowing the status of UAN is mentioned below

Link –

  • It should also be noted that the UAN is mentioned on the salary slip of the employee and hence the same can be used to register or activate the UAN.

The process to Register UAN Number

After getting the UAN number, the employee needs to activate the UAN Number. Without activating the UAN number, it is not possible for the employee to avail services from the portal. The process is quite simple. Below are the steps to register or activate your UAN Number.

  • To activate the UAN, you need to first navigate to the member portal of UAN. Once you visit the portal, you would see a link to activate your UAN on the right hand side of the page. You can also access the page directly by clicking on the link below.

Link –

  • On this page, you need to enter some of the details. In the first column, you need to enter your UAN Number, Aadhaar Number, PAN Number or PF Number. You can add any one of these details and select the appropriate radio button corresponding to the details.
  • Once that is done, you can then enter your name, date of birth along with the mobile number and captcha code.
  • In the next step, click on Get Authorization Pin and you will receive an OTP on your mobile number. Once you receive your OTP, enter the OTP in the designated area and click on the submit button.
  • The portal will then let you set a password for your UAN which would basically enable you to login to the portal in future.

Services Available After Logging in to UAN Portal

After registering your UAN number you can proceed and login to the portal. The process of logging in is simple as you just have to visit the member portal of UAN and once you are on the portal, all you have to do is that you have to enter your UAN number along with the password to login to the portal. If in case you do not remember your password, you can simply go ahead and use the forget password utility to recover the password.

The services available to you after you login to the member portal are listed below

  • Balance Check – You can check your balance with help of the members portal once you log in and you can also download you PF statement with help of the Member Portal of UAN
  • List of PF Account – The portal also displays the list of all your PF accounts that you held in past. This is certainly beneficial as you can check the details of the account and the balance of the account
  • Request Withdrawal & Transfer – With help of the UAN portal, it is also possible to request the transfer of PF from the old account to the new account and in addition to this, the account holder can also fill the form for the withdrawal of the PF.
  • Update Contact Information – The portal also lets the user update his contact details which basically includes the email ID and the mobile number.
  • Update KYC – If you have not updated your KYC with the UAN number then you can update your KYC and you can also upload your bank details with help of the UAN portal.
  • Check Status of Requests – The portal also lets you check the status of the request you claimed. This is valid for transfer and withdrawal request you made through the portal.

The process to Download UAN Passbook and Checking Balance

Follow the process listed below to download your UAN Passbook.

  • To download your passbook, you need to first visit the Members Portal at EPFO. You can access the portal by navigating to the link below

Link –

  • On this portal, you can then go ahead and click on Member Passbook. This will take you to EPFO portal for downloading the passbook. To access the portal directly, use the link mentioned below

Link –

  • Now, login to your UAN account using the UAN and the passbook. Once you log in, you will notice that you have been directed to your dashboard.
  • There would be a column on the left hand side, on this side, all the PF numbers would be displayed. Click on the PF number for which you want the passbook for.
  • The passbook will now be displayed on the screen and you can also save the PDF version of the passbook on your computer for later reference.

UAN Member Portal Interface

UAN Member portal is basically the new portal which provides all the services to the employee in regards to the Universal Account Number and Provident Fund. The good part about the Member Portal is that the portal is available to all the employees and they can access their details with their UAN number.

The portal also lets the member avail various services which again helps in a higher degree of control as well as transparency. This portal has significantly reduced the dependency of the employee on the employer and it has encouraged people to contribute a higher amount to the Provident Fund. Some of the unique features of the Member Portal are listed below

  • The portal offers secured services as the OTP of the employee is sent to his mobile number.
  • The portal can be used to access multiple PF accounts as all the PF accounts are now listed under the same UAN number.
  • The employee can log in to their account whenever they want and there is no restriction to it. In addition to this, the portal is also uploaded in real time and hence the information displayed on the portal is accurate.

Generating your UAN Number

The UAN Number is allocated by the Ministry of Labour and Employment so it is pre-created when you join an organization. If you do not have your UAN then you can retrieve your UAN and it is just a three step process. To generate your UAN, follow the process mentioned below.

  • To generate your UAN, go to the Member Portal of EPFO and you can go to the portal by clicking on the link below

Link –

  • Once the page is displayed, go to the right hand side of the page and you will notice a link for Know Your UAN Status. Click on the link or use the link mentioned below

Link –

  • On this page, you can enter your Member ID, Aadhaar Number or your PAN number along with your name, date of birth and mobile number.
  • Once you enter all the details, click on Get Authorization Pin and this will trigger an OTP request. Now, enter the OTP is the space provided and click on submit button.
  • You will receive a text message on your mobile number which would have your UAN number along with its status. You can now use this UAN number to register and login to your account.

Transferring PF account with UAN

Transferring PF from one account to another had never been this easy. Follow the process mentioned below to transfer PF from your old PF account to the new PF Account

  • To begin the process, you would again have to log in to the Member Portal of UAN using your UAN and the password.
  • Once you login to the portal, you would then be taken to the dashboard. On the top menu bar, click on the online services and then click on One Member – One Account – Transfer Request.
  • You will now be taken to a new page where the Transfer Request will be displayed. On this page, verify your PF details and enter the missing details.
  • Submit the form by verifying the date of birth and your present employer details. Once that is done, you need to request Authentication Pin. Enter the Authentication Pin to verify the details and submit the form.
  • This request can be tracked in the later stages by using know your claim status.
  • The request for the PF transfer will be routed to the new employer and the PF will be transferred once the new employer approves the request. There is no involvement of the previous employer in the whole process.

The need of Linking Aadhaar Card

As you might know, it is now mandatory to link Aadhaar card with UAN and without linking the Aadhaar card, you would not be able to make any request for transfer of PF or withdrawal of PF. To put in all these requests, it is mandatory for you to link your Aadhaar card. This also helps the government in checking on the duplicate account.

The process of Linking Aadhaar Card

It is possible to link Aadhaar Card to the UAN through the online Member Portal of UAN. Follow the process mentioned below to link Aadhaar Card to your UAN

  • To link your Aadhaar card with your UAN number, you need to login to your UAN portal first. The process for the same has been listed above.
  • Once you login to the portal, navigate to the top menu bar and click on Online Services. A list of options will now be displayed and from this list, you need to select eKYC Portal.
  • Now, to complete the next step, click on Link UAN Aadhaar. This will now take you to a new page where you will be able to link your UAN and Aadhaar.
  • Enter your UAN number to proceed and you will receive a One Time Password on your mobile. Enter your OTP to proceed and the system will now display space to enter the Aadhaar Number.
  • Enter the Aadhaar Number and another OTP request will be triggered. You would not have to enter your OTP to complete the linking of the Aadhaar Card and UAN.
  • There are cases when you might not be linked Aadhaar card with the UAN Number and this usually happens when the name on both the portals do not match with each. In such a case, you would have to call the UAN Helpdesk and seek a resolution.

Withdrawing PF through Online Medium

Withdrawing PF is now very simple and it takes just a couple of minutes to complete the process. Follow the process mentioned below to withdraw your PF amount.

  • To put in the request for withdrawal of PF you would again have to go ahead and login to the UAN Member Portal. The process for the same is mentioned above.
  • Once you login to the account, click on the Online Services from the Top Menu Bar and a list of the drop-down menu will be displayed.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Claim Form and a new page will be displayed. You will only be able to view this page if you have linked your Aadhaar with your UAN.
  • You can now select the form that you want to submit and once you select the form, simply go ahead and fill in and submit the form.
  • You would require authenticating the form with a few details and once that is done, the request for the withdrawal will be processed.
  • You can also track the status of the form by going to Online Services and Clicking on Track Claim Status

UAN Helpdesk and Contacting Procedure

EPFO also has a helpdesk which can be used by the employee to contact the EPFO desk. The employee can contact the team by multiple ways and it is possible to contact them via phone, email or the online request form. The portal in itself is very intuitive and you would not really need to contact the team for any help until you face any technical issue with the portal. The portal also has the wizard to recover the UAN and the password for the portal.

What are the Benefits of UAN Helpdesk?

So the basic benefit of having the UAN Helpdesk is that it enables you to contact the helpdesk from the comfort of your home without having to visit the EPFO Office. In addition to this, it is quite easy to get help from the helpdesk portal.

On the online portal, they have also listed many of the FAQs. Apart from this, the portal can also save you from the pain of calling the executive as the site has an online form for contacting the helpdesk. Apart from this, the portal itself is designed in such a way that the employee doesn’t have to call the helpdesk. All the facilities are readily made available through the portal.

How does UAN Helpdesk work?

Talking about the working of the helpdesk, the employee can first make use of the resourced made available to him through the web. These resources can help him in recovering the UAN or password. The employee can also update his contact details, activate his UAN or update his address through the various forms available to him. If in case the employee wants to escalate an issue or if he faces any technical issue then he can call the EPFO team to get the issue resolved and the team helps the employee with their excellent knowledge base.