8 Detailed Methods to Check PF Account Balance & Statements

Provident Fund is one of the most preferred and a fundamental source of saving of an employee. It was introduced in the year 1952 by the Government of India with an aim of helping the people make a saving for their future. This amount is automatically deducted from their salaries and an equal amount is contributed by the employers. Therefore this is a mandatory saving. PF is statutory and therefore the Government has initiated an easy process for the employees so that they can stay updated on their PF balance. The corpus is an indicator of the savings that a person has made to be utilized after retiring from job.

Since the year 2013, the Ministry of Labor and Employment launched the online portal of EPFO where members can check the account balance of their PF, they can request for transfer and withdrawals and can also avail loan against the money held in PF account. The process to check the account balance of PF and generate the statements thereof is very easy and trouble free. But even if a person doesn’t wish to make a withdrawal, he/she must still be updated about the money which is there in his/her PF account. This is essential for all who are making a contribution to their PF.

There are a number of ways you can check your balance. The different methods are listed under:

  1. Through SMS
  2. Through missed call service
  3. Through EPF portal
  4. Through the EPF mobile app
  5. Through the official website of EPF
  6. Through UAN
  7. Through Member Portal
  8. Through UAN portal

8 Detailed Methods to check account balance in PF

Check PF Balance by SMS

Now the members can check their PF balance by SMS. The only condition being that their UAN must be linked to their KYC information such as Aadhaar and PAN card and Bank Account number. In case you are facing trouble to do the same, you can always request your employer to help you. Once the UAN is linked with KYC, follow the procedure below:

  • Type EPFPHO <UAN> ENG and send to 773 829 9899.

Please note ENG means English. These are the first three alphabets of your preferred language. Therefore in case, you want to receive the update in Hindi you must type HIN. The complete message would be EPFPHO <UAN> HIN. The language facility is offered in Hindi, English, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telegu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali.

Check PF Balance by missed call Service

Now the members can check their PF balance by giving a missed call. The only condition being that their UAN must be linked to their KYC information such as Aadhaar and PAN card and Bank Account number. In case you are facing trouble to do the same, you can always request your employer to help you. Once the UAN is linked with KYC, follow the procedure below:

  • The members must give a missed call on 011-22901406 from their registered contact number.
  • They will then receive a text which would have their PF details.

Through EPF portal 

To check the balance of EPF through the portal, the members must ensure that their UAN is activated. In case it is not, they can request the employer to do so. Every member who makes a contribution towards to PF is entitled for a unique UAN. All through their life they must have the UAN in case they change jobs, the UAN will always be the same. The employers can generate the UAN with the help of EPFO and provide the same to the employees.

After the activation of UAN, follow the below mentioned steps to check the balance:

  • Visit the EPFO portal – http://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/For_Employees.php?id=sm2_index
  • Click on “Our Services” and Select “For Employees”
  • Now find the “Services” tab and click on “Member Passbook”
  • The members now need to log in and access their PF account.
  • Members can download and save the passbook as well for future reference.

Through EPF Mobile Applications

To check the balance of EPF through the portal, the members must ensure that their UAN is activated. In case it is not, they can request the employer to do so. There are two applications primarily that can help in checking the balance of the PF account. They are:

  • m-sewa app
  • Umang App

The members can download these apps from the Google Play Store and start using them for better information. The step by step procedure is as under:

  • After the App is being downloaded, hit “Member” and then “Balance/Passbook”
  • Enter the details such as the UAN and the authenticated contact number.
  • The details will automatically be verified against the UAN. In case they do not match, the members will get an error message and in case they match, the members can check their up to date Balance of PF.

It is noteworthy that the Umang App launched by the Electronics and IT Ministry combines various services of the government such as NPS, Crop insurance, Aadhaar, EPF and Gas booking etc. The members can easily check their details. This app can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. After it is being installed, find the option of EPFO in the home page of the App. You will find it under the option named “Employee Centric Services”. There you can check your details of PF.

Through the official website

Gone are the days when the PF members had to go to their regional PF office to check their PF balance. The members can easily check the balance online and they no longer need to visit the regional PF office. The information of your PF balance in just a clicks away if you follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Enter the address of the official website of EPFO in your browser – http://www.epfindia.gov.in/
  • Punch in the details of the PF office where your account is held. Please note that the PF number is coded in such a way that you can check the regional office from the first two character of your PF number and the next three characters represent the code of PF office.
  • Punch in the details as required such as the full name of the member, registered contact number and the PF number. The PF account number is also mentioned in the salary slip. It must be entered in the format – TN/MAS/0054222/000/0000111.
  • After all the details are filled, hit “Submit”
  • The balance will now be received on the registered contact number through SMS.
  • You can also download your PF passbook by clicking on the link “download EPF passbook”. 

Through UAN

Members can now check their PF balance using their Universal Account number. All the PF accounts can now be managed under one entity i.e., UAN. The employees are greatly benefitted by this move as they no longer need the attestation or the verification of their past employers to make PF withdrawals or transfers. Follow the below mentioned steps to check the PF balance:

  • The members must Log in on the EPF portal using their credentials
  • Click on the link “Activate your Login” and then on the check box “I have understood the instructions
  • Enter the UAN allotted and then the verified contact number
  • Mention the code of regional PF office and enter the captcha characters in the box
  • Click “Submit”
  • The members will now receive the PF balance as a SMS on the registered contact number.
  • They can also download their PF passbook by clicking on the link “download EPF passbook”.

Through member portal

Members used to access their passbook through the member portal when the UAN portal was not even launched. It is very easy to operate and in case the members forget their Usernames and passwords, the member portal can be of great assistance. Follow the below mentioned steps to know your PF balance through the member portal:

  • The first and foremost step to check the PF balance is to register in the member portal. Punch in the details as asked for registration.
  • To download the passbook from the member portal, punch in your PF number. You don’t need any password to login as you can easily login using the contact number and the KYC details.
  • You will not receive an OTP on your registered contact number after which you can easily download the passbook. The passbook will be downloaded using the PF number and the OTP is sent for verification purpose.
  • Please note – The passbook will show the contributions done by both – the employer and the employee but only for the last 7 months. Along with it, it will also show the total accumulated amount in the account.

Through UAN portal

The members can check their balance by downloading their PF passbook on the UAN portal as well. The procedure is very simple and very easy to follow. Mentioned below are the steps for the same.

  • Enter the website of UAN portal – https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  • Punch in the 12-digit UAN on the right hand side of the page along with the password and Captcha characters.
  • Click on the link “download passbook” on the homepage.
  • After this, a page will open which shall display the PF balance in the account. The passbook will show the contributions done by both – the employer and the employee along with the total accumulated amount in the account.

How to get the PF Balance Slips?

The EPF balance slip can be downloaded by the employer at the finish of each salary tenure. The PF statements of the accounts will also be declared by the EPFO annually. These can also be downloaded via the e-sewa portal by the employers. The detailed procedure to download the EPF balance slips is given as under:

  • Go to the URL http://epfindia.gov.in/
  • In the homepage, find “For Employers”
  • Under the list of the services offered, choose “ECR/Challan Submission”
  • The “Employer E-Sewa” page will open up.
  • Click on the link and log in using the password and user name.
  • Download the PF statement in the Downloads tab and save them on your local system.

Why should one be checking the balance of PF?

There are a number of ways to check the PF balance. The EPFO has made it possible through a number of facilities for the members so that they know their current PF balance. It is made for the ease of the members as they wouldn’t need to visit the EPFO time and again to know the status. There are a number of reasons a person should check the PF balance regularly. Most of the time, people feel that the PF amount they have in their balance is lesser than what they had actually expected. It could be because of the following reasons:

  • May be the employer is not making his contribution to the PF account of the employee. As 8.33% of the basic goes to the pension account, the remaining to the PF account so the balance may seem lesser as the deduction is for the pension as well as the provident fund scheme too.
  • The members too can make a mistake while calculating the PF balance. If the calculation is based on the present-day contribution, it is important to know that the higher the salary higher the contribution would be. Also the interest on the PF amount is of compounding nature. Due to which the amount will be different as per the calculation of the member.
  • It could be also possible that the balance is not updated from the backend due to the changes or the modification in the PF website or portal.
  • It is also possible that the members may forget their partial withdrawals of PF if made any or they might have availed a loan against their PF account.

Things to keep in mind while checking the balance of PF

  • Members can only use their verified contact number to login in their account.
  • Only one mobile number per PF account is allowed so the PF balance can only be viewed using the individual mobile number which was used at the time of registration with the account.
  • Members must submit various Identity proofs while registration of their account. This would be beneficial at the time of logging in as they can use any of their ID proof details to log in.

What will happen to the dormant accounts?

As per the notification made by the Government of India, even the inoperative accounts will continue to accumulate interest and therefore they won’t be treated as dormant anymore. Since the year 2011, EPFO was not disbursing interest to the inoperative accounts but now all the dormant accounts will receive 8.8% of interest per year. The account which were inoperative in the past usually had two reasons for their dormancy – the lengthy process of PF transfer and the second reason being the preference of members to get new PF accounts opened while changing jobs. There had been a lot of communication gap between the employees and their employers and due to which their details were never updated. But now the employees can get in touch with the EPFO helpdesk in order to get the balance of previously held inoperative accounts transferred to the new account or under the UAN.

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