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Guide to the UAN – Unique Account Number


The UAN number is allotted by the Ministry of Labour and Employment. If a person switches his job, the new employer will allot a new PF account. This eventually leads to multiple PF accounts to an individual and this is a grave concern for the government as it leads to lot of issues related to transfers and withdrawals. To get over this situation and to effectively manage multiple PF accounts, the idea of UAN came into being. All the multiple IDs can now be connected under one single account number. It is convenient for the employer as well as the employee. The process of transfer and withdrawal is made easy with this UAN.

Every employee who has a provident fund account is allotted a Unique Account number or UAN. UAN is the 12 digit number allotted by the EPFO or Employee Provident Fund Organization so that the members can easily control all of their EPF accounts across various organizations that they have worked. This is unique for all the EPFO members. The employees can very easily and conveniently activate the UAN, check the PF status and use it for other activities related to EPFO. It is required for the easy and convenient transfer or even checking the status of provident fund without any interference from the employer.

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UAN login & registration process

The UAN or the Universal Account Number is the unique 12 digit number which is given to each and every member of the Employees provident fund. This UAN comes with the lifetime validity. UAN comes with a number of benefits and one of the major one being the facilitation of automatic PF withdrawal or transfer. Logging in the UAN and registering yourself is now a very big deal. All you need to do is be the registered member of the EPF and contribute to your EPF account. Following are the steps to create the UAN login and process the registration.

UAN Registration Process:

Every employee who has a Provident Fund account is eligible to register for UAN. With the help of UAN the processes such as transfers, refunds, contributions and withdrawals etc. have become easy. Below are the steps to register the Universal account number.

How to register Universal Account Number:

  • Firstly log on to the official website of EPFO.
  • Enter the name of the state that you are placed at.
  • Enter the details such as your Provident fund number and the establishment code. You can find the PF number in your salary slip.
  • Hit the Check status A status page will be pop up on your screen which will display the message that the UAN is allotted
  • After obtaining the UAN, you can take a printout and share it with your employer so that they can initiate the transfer of funds to your new PF account.

UAN Login:

After you have registered your UAN, you now need to login. To log in go to the official website of EPFO. In case you have forgotten your UAN and password, use your registered mobile number. On the EPFO member portal, you can access your account with the Universal Account Number, identification number – Pan Card or Aadhar card number, PAN number or the registered mobile number.

UAN activation Process:

After obtaining the UAN number, the employee needs to activate the UAN number. For that member ID and the registered mobile number is required when you are initiating the process of online registration. After the UAN activation process is complete, the employee can login in by visiting the portal again. During the online registration process, the employees need universal account number, their mobile number and their member ID. The EPFO UAN login process is quite simple. Below mentioned is the Step by step process to log in and activate the UAN through the member portal

  • Visit the official website of UAN or the UAN portal.
  • Select “Activate the UAN”.
  • The UAN form will pop up on the screen.
  • Enter the 12 digit UAN number and select on the check box to enter your user ID.
  • Choose the state and office from the drop down menu, and then enter the PF office code.
  • If the employee does not have the member ID they can enter the PAN card number also.
  • Details such as mobile number, name, date of birth, email address and others need to be seeded.
  • Fill in the captcha code and select to get the authorization PIN number and it will be received on the mobile phone for the verification process.
  • Enter the Pin number and submit the application form.
  • After completing this UAN activation process, the employee will get the confirmation messages on the email ID.

Why was this introduced?

Introduction of UAN was done for the convenience and ease of the employee as well as the employer. The employers have the benefit of having the employee database at one centralized place and they would not need to create new accounts. The employees can easily withdraw or transfer the funds as the KYC details entered in UAN portal are provided by the employer so any form of attestation of approval is not required. With the help of UAN, a person can now easily transfer or withdraw the provident fund and use it. UAN has made the process of withdrawal and transfer very easy.

What is Provident Fund and what are its benefits?

The Provident Fund is also a term for the Pension fund. The employees receive a lump sum amount of money after their exit from their jobs. This PF is one such amount which is regularly deducted from the salary every month and is then deposited in your PF account. For people working in private organizations, the organization also contributed the same amount which is actually debited from the salary of the employee. When the employee leaves the organization, they can withdraw or transfer their PF money. It can be understood as a mandatory personal savings that individuals have to make every month. It is made mandatory by the government. In case of retirement, the individuals get a lump sum amount which can be put to a greater use and can be very handy.

The benefits of Provident Fund:

Provident fund is considered very essential for the employees due to their multiple benefits as listed under:

  1. Pension entitlement – PF is made up for two elements – Provident Fund and Pension Fund. Therefore PF enables for Pension saving as well.
  2. Financial Assistance for Special occasions – You can easily withdraw the money in case you need financial assistance during some special occasions such as marriage and education and also medical exigencies such as surgery and chemotherapies etc. Though there are limits and conditions to the same.
  3. Benefit of Insurance – In case Group Insurance is not available in any organization, Employee Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI) can be provided. These are the insurance benefits which are also provided by the PF.

How can UAN be of an advantage to the PF Account Holders?

Previously, transferring or withdrawing PF used to be a tedious task, which is why most of the people did not touch their old PF accounts after switching jobs. Eventually, one person had multiple PF accounts and it was becoming cumbersome for the individual and the EPFO. But after the introduction of UAN, the entire scenario got changed. UAN helps in managing the PF accounts and also comes with the following benefits:

  • With the UAN, all the PF accounts can be linked together.
  • Provide the UAN to the current employer and after your KYC verification is successful, you will be able to check and manage all your PF accounts.
  • Every time there is a transaction in your PF account, you will receive SMS notifications. This is the easiest way to ensure regular and unobstructed payments in your PF account.
  • By linking your PF account to your UAN, you can be relieved as your employer won’t be able to interfere much in your PF accounts.
  • With UAN, the process of withdrawal and transfer of PF can be done in a hassle-free way through online medium.
  • Employees now don’t need to close down their PF accounts and can let it all accumulate under one umbrella called as UAN. This will help them to get money in lump sum at the time of retirement.

Objective of UAN:

The main objective of UAN is to help EPFO – Employee Provident Fund Organization create a centralized database of employees and also reducing the dependency on the employers for the verification of their employees. EPFO verifies the identity of members with the help of database obtained from the employers. With the help of UAN, the KYC and the bank account details of the employee are connected in a way that the identity of the member if verified and proved.

Another aim of the UAN is to assist EPFO to keep a track of the job changes of every member. As with every new job, the individual will have to share the UAN with his new employer so that the new PF account could be linked. With this the EPFO will have the correct and up to date information on the person’s employment history from any time. It also stops people from withdrawing the EPF after switching jobs.

Salient Features of UAN

Any employee who is making a contribution towards the EPF is assigned an UAN. It is made compulsory by the Government as the transactions could be done in a simple way without any kind of hassles. The government gives instructions to the EPFO to allot the UAN number to all the employees. This UAN not only enables convenient, flexible and rapid transfer of money but also facilitates easy withdrawal. All of this without even the attestation from the employer provided the UAN is valid. All the members under the EPFO must possess the valid UAN for PF.

Though not many people are aware about the advantages of having a UAN. This UAN is beneficial to the employee and makes them independent to withdraw the funds. UAN also helps in checking the PF balance easily.

Some of the key features of UAN are as under:

  • There is one single UAN number issued to each employee.
  • UAN status doesn’t get changed by the job switches.
  • All EPF accounts can be linked under one UAN.
  • UAN is now made mandatory for PF withdrawals.
  • KYC details as provided by the employee helps in activation of UAN.
  • Most of the employing organization are responsible for the UAN Registration.
  • To create the UAN, employer should verify the employee’s information, along with the bank account and KYC details so that the new PF account could be established.
  • UAN is very resourceful to track the changes in the job of every employee.
  • Employees only need to provide their UAN number to their new employer so that the PF account could be linked in case they change their jobs.
  • This way, EPFO keeps a track of the employee information and the current company of the employee.
  • UAN is quite resourceful in stopping a person from making unnecessary PF withdrawals in case of job change.
  • UAN is now attached to you and follows you no matter how many jobs you change. Since all the KYC documents are provided, it gets attached to your identity.

How can you manage your PF with UAN Number?

UAN helps you to manage the PF account in a better way. Listed below are some of the things that UAN makes easy for you:

  • The UAN is transferrable throughout your entire career. All you need to do is provide it to your new employer whenever you shift the job. All your old PF accounts will then be linked together with this UAN.
  • Download the UAN card by entering the UAN number on the web portal of EPFO.
  • The KYC documents of the employees are uploaded online as the scanned copies and are verified by the employer.
  • Easily check your claims of transfer on web portal of EPFO by entering your UAN.
  • With UAN, check the balance of all of your PF accounts by downloading the EPF passbook which is available online.
  • Transferring of PF from previous account to a new account is now entirely hassle-free. After successful KYC verification, the money of PF is automatically transferred to the new PF account.
  • This easy procedure of transferring PF has encouraged lot of people to maintain their PF and not withdraw the money. This ensures a hefty pension after retirement when most of the need for money arises.

The benefits of UAN

The Government and the Employee Provident fund organization are now enhancing the online facilities in UAN. The registration process, linked data services, filling up of the returns on monthly basis and integration with the internet banking system has made the entire system very revolutionary. Employees are now gaining awareness about the advantages of PF as well as UAN. The compounding on interest on the PF contribution is a great catch and this is not even available in other schemes such as FD etc. As per the new amendments to the PF, the dormant accounts will also accrue the interest. The individual must now use UAN for an automatic PF transfer and this is one of the major advantages of the UAN. This is great for employer as well as they can also easily transfer the funds in a hassle free process. Some of the exciting benefits of UAN are as under:

  1. Provident fund accounts can be now connected into single UAN Account by the employees.
  2. UAN facilitates easy withdraw of provident fund money through online mediums.
  3. Transferring the money from old to new PF account is very easy through this universal account number.
  4. Employees can easily check the PF balance using the UAN online member portal.
  5. In addition to it, you can now simply send the SMS with the UAN number to know the balance of provident fund and can also subscribe to the notifications via SMS.
  6. This universal account number is not dependent on employers for verification or approval. The employers cannot hold back the provident fund amount of any employee.
  7. UAN is KYC and Aadhaar Verified therefore the new employer can easily authenticate your profile.
  8. Employees can easily maintain and manage their provident fund account online.
  9. The employee can also keep a track of their company depositing the employer contribution of provident fund every month by simply registering on the UAN portal.
  10. You can even get a loan on the PF.

Benefits of UAN for employees:

UAN comes with a number of benefits for the employees.

  1. No involvement of employer – This was particularly challenging in the past as if a person changes the job, he was required to visit the ex-employer to have the form attested and verified. It was particularly difficult for the people coming from other regions and states. With the introduction of UAN number, the employee can easily transfer or withdraw the funds. The verification of KYC facilitates less intervention of the employer and easy transfer of the PF amount.
  2. SMS alerts – Due to the advent of technology and internet, the Government is also adopting new methods. So the employee can now get SMS alerts for an easy and convenient PF account management. You can easily check the balance of your PF account by sending just one SMS.
  3. No need to transfer PF – Transferring the funds can now be easily done by providing the UAN number and KYC details to the new employer. After the verification of these details, the amount will be transferred to the new account. In case the PF account exists before UAN allotment, the transfer can still be done through physical or digital mode.
  4. Employee Pension scheme – The PF is the deducted every month from the salary of the employee and also has an additional benefit of Employee Pension scheme. Most of the employees prefer to withdraw the PF after leaving the job but they forget that with the PF withdrawal, the Pension benefit is also withdrawn. Therefore, it is better to accumulate the amount in the UAN so that you receive a hefty amount after retirement. The main advantage having a UAN is the benefit of compounding interest on the PF which is far more and better than the fixed deposits or other schemes available in the market.

How to get UAN?

Getting your UAN is a very simpler process. Step by step description is given below:

  • Unique PF numbers are given to all the employers for their employees by the EPFO.
  • The employer then includes the UAN for those employees who make a contribution to their PF with their new member ID.
  • Employees are required to submit mandatory KYC documents as listed below
    • Identity Proof – Aadhaar card, PAN card, Passport
    • Bank account details – Account number, Branch Address and the IFSC code of the bank.
    • Address Proof – Ration Card, Passport, Driving license, Voter ID
  • It is the employer’s responsibility to verify the KYC documents as submitted by the employee. After this the new member ID will be linked to the UAN by the employer.
  • After the verification of the KYC, the employees need to register themselves on the website of UAN and activate UAN by entering the following details:
    • Mobile number
    • Member ID provided by the new employer
    • UAN number offered by the employer. The user ID will be your UAN for all future logins on the web portals.
  • After all the mandatory details are submitted, a one-time password is sent to the registered mobile device.
  • Enter the OTP, you will be asked to fill in the following details:
    • Date of birth
    • Father/husband name and other details
  • You will be prompted to enter a new password.
  • The registration is now complete and you can now view your updated EPF passbook.

 How can you download the PF Passbook?

  • With UAN, it is very easy to download the PF passbook. The UAN member portal is very user friendly and easy to operate.
  • The UAN member portal only requires the PF account number to download the PF passbook.
  • You can also check the PF balance through the member portal but the employees would need to register themselves with it.
  • You don’t require password to log in to the member portal of your PF account. All your need is the KYC document numbers and registered mobile number.
  • Simply login, enter your PF number and download your PF passbook.

How to register for an UAN Number

Universal account number facilitates easy checking of the PF status. The employee can easily obtain the same from the employer and it is also mentioned in the salary slip. After this, you can “Activate the UAN” number by visiting the UAN member portal. Login to the EPFO’s official website and click on the “Activate UAN based registration”. Enter the UAN details, member ID and the registered mobile number. You will then receive a PIN which shall work as an authorization for your mobile number. After entering the PIN, you will be prompted to create a user id or a login id and a password. This will help you in future to access all the facilities that are being provided by the UAN portal.

In case the UAN is not there in the salary slip, the employee can also generate one. To generate or register for the EPFO UAN number the details that are required are:

  • Date of birth of the member.
  • Registered Mobile number
  • PAN card number
  • Name
  • PF number

After generating the UAN, the individual needs to activate the same. The process to activate the UAN login through the member portal is mentioned above.

UAN Login

Log on to the official website of EPF using the User Name or UAN and the password that you created during the registration process. You would now be able to perform the below mentioned tasks:

  • Download and print the UAN passbook and UAN card.
  • Check the status of PF linking of all the listed member IDs.
  • View the status of transfer claim, file transfer and system generated transfer claim.
  • Update the personal information including email id and the mobile number.
  • Update and upload the KYC information and documents.
  • View the contacts of the UAN helpdesk.

UAN Member Portal Interface

The Government of India introduced the UAN or the Universal account number so that the PF or provident fund number portability could be easily facilitated. The UAN member portal interface can be accessed on the EPFO’s official website. This offers multiple facilities under a single portal. As we know that under UAN multiple member IDs can be linked. Even if a person changes a number of jobs but his UAN will always remain the same. This UAN is allotted by EPFO to its members. It facilitates easy control over the PF accounts without any interference from anyone. Changing of jobs will only create multiple PF accounts and then withdrawal of the money needs approval from the previous employer so to curb all these issues and the manage the PF more efficiently, it is better to have UAN in place.

Characteristics of the UAN member portal:

  • For registration, your mobile number can be used.
  • You can have various ids added but make sure that you have one mobile number which enables you to log in in the UAN member portal.
  • Members can check more than ten PF accounts under multiple companies.
  • There is no limit for the number of times one can view the account.
  • There is no requirement to create the username and the password.
  • All you need is your mobile number or an identification ID to log in

How can you generate the UAN Number on UAN portal

To generate the UAN number on the UAN portal, follow the following steps:

  1. Fill in the number of the firm – it will be same for all the employees that work in the firm. This is the first digit of your PF number. The number of the firm can go up to seven digits.
  2. Fill in the extension in the fourth column which the employee can ask from the bank as it will not be in the PF number.
  3. Then you can fill in the PF number which is allotted to the employee from the employer. It can be up to 7 digits to the max.
  4. Fill in the necessary information such as Date of birth, Member name, Password, Confirm password, Mobile number, Captcha code.
  5. After filling in all the details, click on “Get PIN” to obtain the verification code via SMS. Enter the PIN and then click on submit to view your status.
  6. The activation or the PF withdrawn status shall appear on the screen.

How can one transfer PF accounts online with UAN on EPFO Portal?

To initiate transfer of the EPF online, you must have the following:

  • The employers must have registered their digital signature certificates of their employees with the EPFO as they will have to attest the transfer claim papers online by signing it off digitally.
  • In addition, the present and previous PF number and the member IDs must be present in the database of EPFO.

The process for online PF account transfer using UAN is as below:

  • Firstly check your entitlement for raising the request of PF account transfer online. The present and previous employers’ database must be matching with the EPFO database. Also your employer must have registered or must register for digital signatures.

To transfer the PF account, register yourself at the EPFO portal.

  • Log on to Online Transfer Claim Portal – OTCP using the similar details as EPF member portal. You will be then asked to choose the document type and fill in the details like ID number and mobile number.
  • Click on the menu bar and go to “claims”. Select “Request for claim”. Fill in all the necessary details in Part A of the form – These would be your name, email id, IFSC code of the bank and bank account number.
  • Fill in all the necessary details in Part B. These will be regarding the previous PF account held. Enter the details again – name and address of establishment, and PF account held. The member’s name will then appear on the screen if the details are available in the EPFO database.
  • If the details are available in the database of EPFO they will be automatically filled up and you won’t be able to change the information. If the details are not there, enter them manually.
  • This is the most crucial part of the process. EPFO will now verify your date of birth as per their database. In case you have filled in the wrong details, you will be blocked post three unsuccessful attempts. In this case you will have to initiate the transfer process offline.
  • Coming on to the part C of the form, enter the details relevant to your current employer. This information also will be cross checked against the database of EPFO.
  • Choose the employer who will verify your claim. You may select either of your employers.
  • Check the application by hitting on “Preview” and also modify the data if you want. Click on the “Get PIN” and agree to the declaration statements. You will receive the PIN on your registered mobile number. Enter it in the system.
  • A transfer claim form will be downloaded which you can print also. Take the copy of your form 13 also and give it to present employer to complete the submission of claim.
  • You can also check the transfer status through member portal account.

Why to link Aadhaar with UAN?

Aadhaar is now considered as the most reliable identity proofs in the country due to its biometric and the address details of the person. In another move by the Labor Ministry, Aadhaar card is now made compulsory to be linked to UAN as it will be helpful in providing the value added services to EPF members. It also quickens the verification process of the employees and also removes the duplication of the multiple accounts under one person. Employees can easily login into their UAN member portal and update their KYC with Aadhaar card information.

How to link Aadhaar with UAN online?

People can now link their Aadhaar card number with their UAN through the EPFO website. The process to link Aadhaar with UAN are as under:

  • Under “Online Services” tab, go to the “eKYC Portal” on the website of EPFO.
  • Click on “Link UAN Aadhaar”.
  • Enter your UAN and an OTP will be received on your mobile number which is registered with UAN.
  • After verifying the OTP, enter your Aadhaar card Number.
  • Another OTP will be received on your mobile, but this time it will be sent to the number which is registered with Aadhaar.
  • If this OTP is also verified, and the details of UAN match with Aadhaar details, your UAN and Aadhaar card get linked.

How to Check PF balance with UAN

  • The member can now register at the UAN portal for SMS alerts and receive the SMS notification every time any transaction happens in your PF account.
  • The member can use the missed call facility but again they have to register to check their PF balance online.
  • They can send and receive their PF balance on their mobile number.
  • They can also get in touch with the UAN toll free number to know the PF balance as well as accrued interest.

Steps of transferring PF online:

One of the safest investing options these days is PF and it has great returns too. For applying for EPF transfer or withdrawal, individuals are required to submit the paperwork. You have to get the EPF application form verified from the employer and then send it to the regional PF office. But now you can easily transfer the funds online. Below mentioned is the process of the same.

  • Visit the official website or EPFO online portal to make the request for transferring the PF from one account to another.
  • Create your login ID and then fill in the details like UAN, state, mobile number, and Bank account number.
  • Check your eligibility status for the transfer the PF. Fill in the state where the employer is located and you can easily find the name from the drop down menu.
  • Click on “check eligibility”, and it will display if you are eligible or not. In case you are eligible, register your details on the official website. You will then receive a verification code on your mobile, enter it as the code. You will then receive another confirmation message to continue the process.
  • Login to your account, and click on “Request to transfer PF account”. It is on the top of the tab. Fill in the PF form for transferring the PF. Click preview to recheck the filled in details and then click on “agree”. Now you can view the “transfer claim” and the “status of the funds” on the screen.

How to withdraw the Provident Fund with UAN:

  • First and foremost step is to check the eligibility criteria in the EPFO official portal.
  • Fill in the online application form for withdrawal and then download the application which you have submitted online.
  • If your PF account number is activated and linked to your UAN, the amount can be withdrawn easily.
  • Remember to fill in the application form after two months of leaving your job.
  • Select the reason of leaving the job carefully if you are leaving within five years. Fill in the reason of PF withdrawal, and then after 30-45 days money cheque is deposited in your bank account.

UAN Helpdesk portal login registration

The UAN helpdesk was started with the aim of employee satisfaction by the EPFO. With its help, employees can get their UAN related queries addressed easily. If any information in the account needs to be changed, the employees can use the UAN helpdesk for the same. You can easily update your information in the Profile Menu provided your mobile number is still active. In the scenario where the employee forgets the UAN login id and password and the mobile number also, the UAN helpdesk can rescue them easily.

Benefits of UAN helpdesk:

The people can have their queries solved with the assistance of the UAN helpdesk. These queries are in regard to the UAN registration or activation or login. The employee is required to submit the request online and get the result accordingly. As of now it is available in the Beta version and is very user friendly.

The main query people have here is that they have forgotten their user id and password. The UAN helpdesk then helps to recover the ID and password. In case you forgot your password, you can recover the same using the active and registered mobile number. But on the whole, UAN helpdesk can help you for managing the UAN account easily.

How does this UAN helpdesk work

The UAN helpdesk is very resourceful. It is there to assist the employee after the employee logs in to the UAN portal. In case he forgets the mobile number and password, he can then submit a request recover the same and also to update his details in the UAN portal. Any problem that occurs during the activation of the UAN is also addressed by the UAN helpdesk. The employee can also submit his requests online to know the status of the transfer claim easily. After submitting the requests, the individual receives the OTP or one-time password in their registered mobile. Verify it online and a reference number for your query is generated and sent to the registered mobile number.

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