How to Login at EPFO & UAN Member Portal

UAN Member Portal – New Unified Portal by EPFO

Every employee who is contributing towards to EPF – Employee Provident Fund Scheme is allotted a UAN – Universal Account Number. This UAN is a 12-digit number which enables the employees to connect all their PF accounts across various companies they have worked and use them all under one single roof, which is, the member portal of UAN. On the Unified Member portal, the employee who is also a member of the EPF can update his KYC information, his record of jobs, and UAN Card and much more. The withdrawal and transfer of PF has now become convenient and quick with the help of this UAN Member Portal.

Initially, the members need to register themselves on the UAN Member Portal and then log in to the same to access the details. UAN member portal is particularly helpful and useful not only to the employees but also to the employers. With the UAN it has now become very easy to change the jobs and also get the money withdrawn or transferred from the old employer to the new employer without any interference from anyone. This is actually a relief to the employee as the employer has already authenticated the information and then posted it online as a KYC. This is the reason why an approval is not required from the employer.

UAN member portal doesn’t only help the member but also the employer.

How UAN Member Portal helpful for Employees?

But let us first find out the facilities that UAN Member Portal provides to the employees.

  1. Checking the Balance of EPF:The employees can now check the balance of PF via UAN Member Portal. Employees need to complete the Registration and then the Activation Process to visit the UAN Member login Portal where they can log in using their credentials and check the balance.
  2. Check and update the EPF Passbook:The employees can easily download and save their EPFO Passbook via UAN Member Portal. All the transactions in their PF Account and all other details are easily available on the UAN Member Portal.
  3. Detailed transactions on the UAN card:After the UAN is activated, members must log on to the member portal once using their credentials. They can now download their card which has the details of transactions. You can save this card for future use or can print it for reference.
  4. Check the status of their claim:One can now check the claim Status with the help of their credentials. Just log on to the member portal and find the status of their full or partial withdrawal or transfer of past PF to a new account.
  5. Helpful for withdrawal and transfer of PF: It is now very convenient to withdraw the PF money using the member portal if the employee is registered. In this case neither do they need to go to the employer or the PF office to withdraw the money. Likewise it is easy to transfer the money from the past employer to the new one. Only the UAN details are to be shared with the new employer and the new PF account will be added to the existing UAN. 

How is UAN helpful for the employer?

UAN is helpful for the employer as well. It provides a gamut of facilities to make their lives easier and convenient.

Below mentioned are some of the facilities that UAN provides to the employer:

  1. Attach new employees to UAN: The employer can add up newly joined employees to the UAN through the employer portal of UAN.
  2. Allocation of new PF number to the new employee: After the verification of the documents provided by the newly joined employee, the employer can then allocate new UAN number to them through the employer portal.
  3. Attach employees who already have UAN: The employer can also add the employees who already have a UAN. If the newly joined employees provide their existing UAN number, the employer can add them in the employer portal.
  4. Transfer KYC information: It becomes easy for the new members to upload or transfer their KYC details and information on the server to accomplish the registration process. There is an option of Bulk upload which enables the members to upload their documents in one go. The employees can then check and verify all their documents on the portal.
  5. Download the listed members of UAN: The employer can download and save the listed members on the employer portal of UAN. It is convenient as it allows the employers to check if any of the members are left out.
  6. Checking on the transfer request of PF from the new/old employers: it is very convenient to check the status of PF transfers on the employer portal of UAN. It is already mentioned that PF transfer doesn’t need an approval from the old employer provided the employee is registered on the member portal of UAN.
  7. Consent to the claim request of the employee: if the employee has made a claim request, they can check the status of their request through the member portal. Employer also can check the PF transfer or withdrawal claim status on the employer portal.

Registration to the member Portal of UAN through Online mode:

It is particularly very easy to register oneself on the member portal of UAN. All what the employees need to do is visit the UAN portal’s official website and enter the UAN number along with the contact number, region and the PF number and then Submit. Enter the captcha code and enter the PIN received on the registered contact number. After this step, they need to create their log in ID and password. This is how the registration process is completed. Once it is done, the employees then need to activate their UAN.

How can one login to the Member Portal of UAN? 

To log on to the UAN’s member portal, the member must activate their UAN. Once it is activated, a password shall be received on registered contact number via text. Now the members can login and fill in the UAN number along with the password received. You will then be prompted to change the password after first login.

The members will now be able to check their UAN profile, history and the UAN Card. The UAN passbook cannot be seen as of now in the member portal but can be accessed on the official website of EPFO.

What services are being offered by the Member Portal of UAN?

The Member portal of UAN provides a wide ranging of services that are related to the Provident fund account. Listed below are the same:

  1. You can look for the following things on your PF account in the View menu
  • PF Profile – The complete information of the member is uploaded in the portal such as personal information and contact details. Click on the link of their profile and members will be able to see their information like, UAN, birth date, their name, gender, father’s name, contact number and mailing address, educational qualification and marital status etc. you can modify your email id as well as your contact number on this page.
  • Track of service record – As you are aware that a member is allotted a single UAN which he/she will possess for his/her lifetime, all his service history will also be recorded on the portal. No matter how many companies he/she change, the UAN will remain the same and it will be used by all the companies in their system for recording the member’s PF contribution. It will also make the system more efficient and transparent. This will show the number of companies the member has worked in the past and the current organization as well. The member portal will display the information such as member ID, name, name of the company, date of joining and ending EPF, date of joining and ending EPS and date of joining and ending FPS. EPS refers to the Employee Pension Scheme and FPS refers to the Family pension scheme.
  • UAN Passbook – to check the passbook, the members need to visit the official website of the EPFO as it is not available on the portal.
  • UAN Card – The UAN card is also available for download on the member portal of UAN. You can access the card under the menu named as “View”. The card is particularly helpful in case you want to withdraw or transfer the PF directly from the PF office i.e., through offline mediums.
  1. Not only can the members view the information, they can also modify the information under the Manage tab. The information that could be modified is:
  • Contact information – One can now update their mobile number in the portal. The members will receive an authorization PIN on the new contact number. Enter it in the designated area and the contact number will get updated. Same process has to be followed to modify the email address as well.
  • Update KYC – Members can now update their KYC in the portal. The documents must be scanned and uploaded in the portal with their details of KYC. This also needs to be authenticated by the employer post which it will get updated in the UAN of the member. The information required is the bank account details, PAN and Aadhaar card details. Copy of Passport and driving license along with the voter card, and ration card
  1. Other Services that can be provided in the Member portal are :
    1. Claim forms for withdrawal of PF –The Claim forms such as Form number 31, 19 and 10C are available in the member portal. These forms are helpful for the PF’s partial or full withdrawal. But before making use of these forms, the Aadhaar card must be connected to the UAN.
    2. Request for PF transfer – The members can now apply for the transfer of their PF from their past account to the new account. Also only one request of transfer shall be entertained per PF account. But before it is done, they must ensure the following factors:
  • KYC information mentioned on the website is accurate
  • The details of bank account is available in the database of UAN.
  • The KYC information is seeded in the portal of UAN
    1. Follow the status of the claim – The most important service the PF portal provides is the status of the claim. There is a section referred as “Track Claim Status” which shows the status of your claim of transfer or withdrawal. You don’t really need any PF account detail or any other acknowledgment reference number. Just log on to the UAN member profile on the member portal and you can get the information that you need. 

Customer care for better assistance in using the Member Portal 

If the member faces any hassles in operating the UAN portal, they can connect with the customer care division of UAN. The various ways one can reach out to them are:

UAN Member Portal – FAQs

  1. What is the official link of the Member Portal of UAN?

  1. How to login to the member portal for the first time?

    The members must activate their UAN before logging on to the Member Portal. A Password is sent to their registered contact number that has to be used for the first time login. Thought it can be used in other logins as well but it is better to change it after the first login.
  1. Is UAN Card available on the Member Portal?One can view and download the UAN Card from the member portal.
  1. Can one check his/her PF passbook on Member Portal?Not as of now. The members need to visit the official website of EPFO for the same.
  1. The previous PF IDs are also listed on the member portal. Is it okay?Yes, it is okay as all the member IDs are mentioned to show the simple withdrawal and transfer claims of the member.
  1. Can one modify the contact information on the UAN Member Portal?Yes, the email address and the contact number can be modified by the member himself. He will also receive an authorization pin post which the new details will get activated.
  1. What all documents need to be submitted for updating the KYC information?For updating the KYC information on the portal one must upload the scanned copies of Aadhaar card, PAN card, Passport, Driving license, Voters ID, Ration Card and Bank Account details.
  1. How will the members know if their KYC has been authenticated by their employer?The status will be shown as pending unless the same is authenticated. Once it is approved, the status will change and appear in the section.
  1. What happens to the existing UAN in case one changes their job?

The employee needs to provide the current UAN to the new company and they will connect your UAN with the new PF account number.

  1. Is there anyway one can reach out to the customer care desk in case of complaints/queries?

The employees can reach out to the help desk on the toll free number – 1800 11 8005 between 9:15 AM to 5:45 PM or can also send an email stating their complaint

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