UAN Passbook Download – Check EPF Passbook Balance with UAN, SMS & Missed Call

How to find out the PF balance – UAN Passbook

Checking out the PF balance these days is not a rocket science. There have been several initiatives that are taken by the government to ensure easy and convenience of claiming the PF. And recently they have also launched the facility through which you can check your PF balance online. As we know that the PF is contributed by the employer and the employee. The amount of contribution made by both of these parties is similar. It is 12% contribution from the employee and 12% from the employer but this 12% of the employer is split up into two parts – 8.33% of this 12% goes to Pension fund while the remaining 3.67% goes to the PF. This 12% is basically a part of basic salary and the dearness allowance if any.

It is believed that the EPF amount is meant for saving for a long duration if you really want to reap its benefits. Therefore, it should only be withdrawn after the retirement.

Download UAN Passbook with UAN password

There are two methods to download the UAN Member passbook. Both of them are mentioned under:

1. The direct link to download the passbook from EPFO India Passbook portal is epfindia.gov.in

2. The Direct link to download the passbook from UAN member portal with UAN & password is https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in.

    • Log in with your UAN & Password.
    • Go to the Menu bar and click on view, click on passbook, and then download your UAN Card. You can change the password also in the account settings if you wish.
    • Choose the Dates to check the EPF Statement and it will display like the Monthly passbook or the Bank statement.

You may save the same on your system or print the same for future reference.

How can you check your EPF balance?

There are multiple ways to check out the PF balance. Mentioned below are the same.

1. Download the UAN M-epf Mobile app from the Play store and check balance –

Downloading the UAN M-epf Mobile app is a unique option. Though there are certain issues with the Android devices but web developers are focusing to clear them and also making people aware of the same facility. All you need to do is click on the MEMBER and then on Balance/Passbook. Fill in your UAN and password and then you can view the PF balance.

2. Give a Missed call on the Toll free Number 011-22901406.

By giving a missed call on 011-22901406 from the registered mobile number, the member can know the balance of EPF, status of linking UAN with Aadhar & the Bank account.

3. Check the PF balance by SMS alert.

You can activate the SMS alert for notification of any transaction to your PF account. Also you can send the SMS to the toll free number to get the PF amount along with the accrued interest

4. Check on the EPFO website by downloading the UAN Passbook.

Login to Universal Unified Portal to get the UAN Number. But if you don’t have the UAN, you cannot download your UAN Passbook. Members can get the UAN with PF number, Pan Card and Aadhaar card details along with other details of the member.

Please note that in case you are facing any kind of trouble to activate UAN or wish to reset the password and mobile number, you can seek assistance from the UAN Helpdesk.

UAN Passbook

The members of the Unified portal of UAN are entitled to a number of facilities. As the PF is very necessary and a saving mandatory made by the government, it is essential to manage the same efficiently. In the UAN passbook, all the transactions related to the PF withdrawal, deposit or transfer are displayed. UAN passbook, thus, is a very crucial thing for the EPF members. Members can now download the passbook through the UAN portal or on the EPFO website.  

Characteristics of the UAN Passbook

The UAN passbook is essential for checking the PF Balance. The employees can keep a track of their PF transactions conveniently. It is very easy to download the UAN card and passbook from the official website of EPFO. UAN facilitates easy transfer of funds from previous to the new PF account. The UAN must be linked to every PF account of the individual. Usually the company generates the UAN and if a person is a member of EPFO, he can continue till he is working and contributing for the PF. In case of new job, the employee needs to provide UAN to the new employer. It is very easy for the employee to transfer or withdraw the PF and also check the balance on the UAN member portal.  You cannot download the PF passbook by only the PF account number.

Necessary information required to download the UAN passbook

  1. Activated UAN Number.
  2. Registration on the UAN Portal as it is mandatory.

How can you view EPF Balance and Passbook Online?

On the top right corner of the official website of EPFO you can see the link of E-Passbook. It is there to check the EPF balance on the passbook. The members are required to enter their UAN number and password. UAN is allocated by the EPFO and it allows easy transfer of PF accounts from one employer to another. You can then open your passbook by clicking on the button named as “View Passbook” and know your balance.

How to download the UAN passbook?

As per the process mentioned above it can hence be very clearly said that it is very easy to download the EPF passbook from the unified UAN portal. If you have an activated UAN, you can download the EPF passbook easily. The process to download the same is mentioned below:

  • The member needs to visit the UAN portal to check the PF details.
  • In case he is the first time user, he needs to activate the UAN, if not done yet.
  • To activate the UAN, he has furnish his UAN number and registered mobile number.
  • After this he has to set the password for the portal for the verification purpose.
  • Now the member needs to login to the UAN portal with the UAN and password as set in the previous step.
  • Enter the Unified Portal dashboard.
  • On this page, three options would display – 1. UAN passbook, 2. UAN CARD, Account Settings.
  • Click on the UAN Passbook is to see the passbook. As soon as the member clicks on it, the option to download or view the passbook pops up.
  • Click on the Download option of the menu and UAN passbook can be downloaded and kept for future reference.

Other Developments

As per the plans of Digital India initiative, EPFO now aims to go paperless by most likely next year. There are more than 5 crore subscribers and with the Digitalization the delivery of services will improve greatly. There are a number of social security schemes run by the EPFO such as PF, Pension Fund and insurance for the workers of the formal sector and now a number of online facilities such as easy EPF transfers and withdrawals.

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