EPFO Universal Account Number Registration

Complete guide to EPFO’s UAN – Universal Account Number Registration

Looking at the inconvenience faced by the employees, who were contributing towards their EPF, to manage their PF accounts while getting the approval from their company to transfer or withdraw their own money, EPFO came up with UAN. After the introduction of UAN, the process of EPF has streamlined and now people can easily manage all their EPF accounts by linking all of them under one roof called as UAN. The most interesting fact about UAN is th   at now the members can easily withdraw the money from their PF account without any kind of interference and intervention of their previous company.

What is UAN?

The 12-digit number allocated to every member of the PF scheme is called as UAN or Universal Account Number. To produce the Universal Account Number, the member must be enumerated with EPF office and must be making monthly contributions regularly towards the EPF scheme. With the help of UAN, the members can combine and manage their various PF accounts as one. In case the member shifts his/her job, he only needs to furnish the UAN to his/her new employer. As a matter of fact, one can now combine up to 10 PF IDs on the UAN portal. In such a scenario, the members must register their bank accounts with UAN and also link his Aadhaar and PAN card details with the same.

How to Register UAN Number?

UAN is generally written on the salary slip of the employee. If it is not mentioned, there is no need to panic as you can easily generate the same. Mentioned below are the easy steps to generate your UAN

  1. Visit the official portal of EPFO. The link for the same is http://www.epfindia.com/
  2. Now you would be required to fill in a few details such as code of region, code of PF office, PF number and establishment code. These details are available on your salary slip or you can get in touch with the HR of your company to provide you these details.
  3. Next you need to click “Check Status”. You will now get the message that your “UAN is activated”. You may now start any of the process related to PF. If you don’t get any such message, you need to generate the UAN and activate it.
  4. To generate the UAN, go through the following steps:
    1. On the website of EPFO, click on the link “Our Services”
    2. Click on “For employees”
    3. Next you need to click “Register or Activate UAN”
  5. Now you would be required to enter your KYC information – enter your full name, contact number, Aadhaar card and Pan Card number and Bank account number etc.
  6. Upload your passport size photo and scanned signatures.
  7. Hit “Submit”. You will now receive an Authorization PIN on your registered contact number.
  8. Enter it in the designated area and now your UAN is generated.

Once your UAN is generated, you need to activate the same.

How to Activate the UAN?

Activate the PF UAN by following the process mentioned below:

  • Visit the Services Link of EPFO – http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/uan_reg_form.php
  • Fill in your details such as the registered contact number, and the PF number along with the UAN.
  • Fill in other details like name of the father, Birth date etc.
  • Fill in the PIN.
  • Hit activate UAN”.
  • Last step is to generate a username and its password.

What documents are required to connect PF account to UAN?

To link the PF account to UAN, the members need to furnish the following documents, even if they the Universal Account number or not.

What documents are needed if the member has UAN?

  • The usual KYC details and documents.
  • Bank account details – Bank account number, the branch name and the IFSC code.
  • UAN provided from the past employer.
  • Last working day at the past employer.

What documents are needed if the member doesn’t have UAN?

  • The usual KYC details and documents.
  • Bank account details – Bank account number, the branch name and the IFSC code.
  • PF account details from the past employer.
  • Last working day at the past employer.

What documents are needed to generate the UAN?

  • Bank account details – Bank account number, the branch name and the IFSC code.
  • Copy of the Passport.
  • Copy of Aadhaar card.
  • Copy of PAN card.
  • Copy of Ration card.
  • Copy of Driver’s license
  • Card issued by Employees State Insurance.

Why do we need to seed KYC details with Member Portal of UAN?

  • Members can now transfer funds conveniently without any attestation from past or recent company.
  • Members can now make easy withdrawals and don’t need the approval of their past or current employer.
  • The PF account becomes transparent.
  • SMS alerts are received whenever withdrawals or contributions are made.
  • Unify the numerous PF accounts without any hassles.
  • You can easily correct your personal details on the EPFO portal such as name, contact number, name of your father, birth date etc.

How can one access their UAN information on the website of EPFO?

While you are activating your UAN, the last stage in the process is to create the username and its password. Then the member needs to go to the official website of EPFO or the UAN portal and log in using the credentials there. One the credentials are entered, you would be able to see your detailed information of UAN.

How can one download the UAN Card?

Download the UAN card by following the mentioned below steps:

  • Visit the member portal of EPFO and log in using credentials.
  • Go to the download menu and find the link “download UAN card
  • Click “download”. Now print or save your Universal Account Number card.

How can one transfer the old company’s PF Account to the Current Company?

The process used to be very excruciating earlier but with the UAN you can easily transfer your PF account. The auto-transfer option given by EPFO facilitates easy transfer. The steps to transfer the PF account from the old company to the current company are mentioned below.

  • Fill in theComposite Declaration Form or Form 11. It includes essential details. Along with it, do provide your individual information and the PF number as allotted by the past employer, or the UAN, etc.
  • The auto-transfer process will start as soon as the current employer enter your details and in case your Universal Account Number is linked to your Aadhaar already.
  • With the beginning of auto-transfer procedure, the members will now get a message on their registered contact number.
  • It takes about 10 days to complete the procedure and after the PF contribution from the new company has been made the first time.
  • The member will now get a message whenever the deposit of their PF fund is complete.

How can one do the Offline Auto-Transfer of PF?

If your UAN is still not seeded with the Aadhaar card of the member, they then have to make the entire auto-transfer process through offline modes. For doing the offline auto-transfer of PF, the member needs to provide the new company with his Form 13 and also provide the details of the Aadhaar card. After the Aadhaar card is linked to the employee’s UAN, they can start the procedure to transfer funds from previously held Provident Fund account to the new Provident Fund account.

How can one generate the UAN with the help of Aadhaar Card?

The members don’t need to depend on others to generate the UAN. It can easily be done with the help of the Aadhaar card they possess. Follow the below mentioned steps to do the same.

  • Visit the member portal of EPFO.
  • Click on the link “Online Aadhaar Verified UAN Allotment”
  • Fill in the 12 digit Aadhaar number.
  • Hit the “Generate OTP”
  • Fill in the OTP that you got on your authorized contact number and then click “submit”.
  • You will be able to view your Aadhaar details on the page.
  • Click the “register” button
  • Now the UAN has been allotted.

What is the procedure of allotting UAN to the new members?

The EPFO generates the UAN as early as your new company will forward your verified details to the EPFO. Your employer will take the details of your previously held Provident Fund number, will verify the same and then provide it to EPF office. The EPFO will then generate and allocate the UAN to you.

Benefits of Universal Account Number – UAN

UAN has changed the process of EPF tremendously. It is very advantageous to the employee as well as the employer. The benefits of Universal Account number are mentioned below.

  • Members can unify or combine 10 Provident Fund accounts to the maximum in the UAN. But for this, they first need to seed their Aadhaar information to their UAN.
  • With the help of UAN, members can now easily process auto-transfer of their money.
  • Other benefits for the members include making transfer of their PF from one account to another, checking the PF balance and also withdrawing the PF money with the help of UAN.
  • Members receive SMS alerts of PF withdrawal or contribution if their information is available with UAN.
  • They can easily apply for online PF transfer without any hassles.

Details about Umang App – Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance App

With the new technologies and applications coming in, UAN members also can make use of the UAN app to carry out their EPF related tasks. The name of this app is Umang App. It stands for Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance. Download the application from the Google’s Play store and then register yourself using your authorized contact number and the Universal Account Number. Once you have entered all the details, you will get registered and very easily carry out the processes related to EPF on the UMANG App.

What is the process of allotting a Universal Account Number to the new employees?

The Universal Account Number is generally generated by the member’s current employer. In case UAN was not generated in the previous job then the new company will take all the information required to generate the UAN for the member. They would need to provide the details of their past company and the PF number held previously. Their new employer will verify the same and then forward it to the EPFO for the generation of their UAN. Once it is generated, it will be shared with their present company who in turn will communicate the same to the member.

UAN Registration Process?

Universal Account Number is generated by the EPFO for all the PF account holders and communicated to the employers via OTCP – Online Transfer Claim Portal.

What is the official website link of the member portal of EPFO?

The link is http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in.

Is it possible to change the contact Number or the Mail address in the member portal of UAN?

Yes, it is possible. Login to the UAN member portal and click on the profile menu. There you will find an option “Edit Email ID” or “Edit Mobile No”. Fill in your updated details and save.

How can one modify or change the personal information in Universal Account Number?

Members need to submit their accurate details to the employers which they will authenticate and then share with the concerned person of EPFO. The accurate or modified information will then be modified in the member portal of UAN after complete verification.

How can one upload the KYC details and documents in the Member Portal of UAN?

Use Bulk KYC Text File Upload to easily upload KYC details and documents in the UAN portal.

Various facilities offered to the members of the Member Portal of UAN

You can enjoy the below mentioned facilities in the member portal of UAN:

  • Download your PF Passbook.
  • Download your UAN Card
  • Get a detailed list of past member IDs.
  • Update and modify your KYC information.
  • Online check of eligibility.
  • Edit or modify personal information.
  • Connect Aadhaar with UAN.
  • Easy application for transfer of PF, partial or full claim withdrawal of PF.

Important things one must be acquainted with about Universal Account Number

Some of the vital things a member must identify about UAN are as under:

  • Being an employee one must know the status of their UAN. For that they can contact their respective employer.
  • One must activate their UAN by punching in the UAN details given by the company, along with PF number and the mobile number in the UAN portal.
  • In case the employee has not received the UAN by the employer, he/she must check if they are allocated the UAN by EPFO or not. They can get this information from the official website of EPFO.

Can the employer view the UANs allocated to the employees?

Yes, the employer can view the UANs that EPFO has allocated to the employees of their organization. For that they just need to visit the member portal of UAN and click “UAN Menu”. There you can see the “Download UAN List” option and when you click on it, the list of UANs as allotted to their employees by the EPFO is displayed. It is very easy to download the same in the PDF format. Employers can directly contact the EPFO through email or the toll-free number 1800-118-005 in case of any queries.

Advantages of using the UAN

With the UAN, the process of PF transfer has become very easy and manageable as the PF accounts of the individual will now be clubbed under the identical UAN. The members of UAN can make use of the innumerable benefits with UAN. Due to these advantages linked with UAN, it is very important and becomes imperative for an employee to generate and have the UAN activated by the employer by verifying all the KYC details and documents in the portal. Some of them are listed as under:

  • The procedure to transfer PF is very smooth and trouble-free. No matter how many jobs you change, your UAN shall always remain the same throughout your work tenure.
  • It is very easy for the employees to withdraw and transfer the EPF balance. They can now view the balance of their PF account and can also check the status of their transfer claim. In addition to it, the can update their KYC details and documents and also download their Universal Account Number Card.
  • It facilitates shortest mode of communication between employees and the EPFO. Nowadays, the employee doesn’t need to be reliant on on the employer for his transfer or withdrawal of his PF money.
  • Employees now receive text alerts whenever the employer deposits their PF. The frequency of depositing the PF is monthly and whenever the employer makes the transaction the employees are made aware through the SMS alerts. This is a very nice thing as the employees are aware of their PF deduction and deposit.
  • The member can also request for the online transfer of PF if they have UAN.
  • If you have a UAN, the process of withdrawal and transfer of PF becomes very rapid and less time consuming.

How to link Aadhaar card with UAN through online method?

The employees can now connect their Aadhaar card with the UAN through online mode. Aadhaar is now mandatory for the auto-transfer of Provident Fund therefore as per the EPFO a new system is introduced which facilitates easy linking of Aadhaar and UAN. With this move, the PF can be easily and rapidly transferred to the members.

You can link the UAN with Aadhaar card through the official website of EPFO. The detailed process is mentioned below:

  • On the official website of EPFO and find the “Online Services” tab and click section called “eKYC Portal” under it.
  • Click on the “Link UAN Aadhaar”.
  • Enter the UAN to proceed. Now the member will get the OTPon the mobile number registered with UAN.
  • Once the OTP is authenticated, the member needs to put in the Aadhaar number which is a 12 digit number. Again another OTP will be received on their contact number that is registered on the UIDAI.
  • After the verification process is done with the OTP, the UAN information is matched with the Aadhaar information and they get linked.

How to get the status through UAN Members Portal called E-Sewa

To know the status from the e-Sewa portal, employees must register themselves at e-Sewa portal of UAN Members’. The procedure for the same is as under:

  • Visit the official website of Unified Portal https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  • Click “Know your UAN status”.
  • Check the PF details on the webpage and update it. Then click on the “Check Status”
  • You will then get a notification if UAN has been allotted to the member or not. In case it is generated, then you will need to furnish additional information, like complete name of the member, birth date, phone number and email address. The details such as birth date and name must match with records in EPFO. Set a password after registration and enter the CAPTCHA code. Then click “Get Pin”
  • You will then receive a PIN on your phone which you would enter in the designated area and click on the “I Agree” before submitting the form.
  • Your UAN will be displayed on the next page. And the same will also be sent on your registered mobile number as a SMS once it is produced.
  • You can now log on to the UAN Members web link with the credentials as created by you.

Using these credentials you can access your UAN account in future.

Advantages of registering at the E-Sewa Portal of UAN Members

The registration at the e-Sewa portal of UAN members comes with the following advantages:

  • You can easily download your EPF passbook. It displays the current PF balance. You can even avail a loan on the PF amount and can show your passbook as a proof.
  • It will be easier for you to connect all of your past PFaccounts with the portal’s help.
  • One can also upload the KYC information and details on this portal.
  • You can change and modify your contact information such as mobile number or email address on this portal.
  • Transferring one’s PF can be requested for from this portal.
  • If the member is listed in the portal, it is becomes easy for you to link your Aadhaar card with UAN.

Frequently Asked Questions related to UAN

a) Is it feasible to view or download the UAN passbook?

Yes, viewing or downloading the UAN passbook is very easy. Follow the below mentioned process for the same:

  • Enter the portal with the help of your credentials.
  • Click on the menu and click “Download” and choose “Download Passbook”
  • You can now download the passbook in the PDF format.

b) Is it okay if the picture is not present on the UAN card?

As of now, the facility of the same is in process. The picture will be picked up from the Aadhaar database so the members need to update their KYC using Aadhaar card and link the UAN with Aadhaar. This facility will be offered for use in coming future.

c) Why are previous PF member IDs listed on the UAN list?

The aim of UAN was to merge different Member Ids, which were allotted to an individual, under one umbrella. This was done with the intension to assist the member in viewing all his ids and also with the help of same, he/she can check his/her eligibility to transfer the provident fund online. But in future, only the UAN will be provided to the new company using the Form 11. The member ids will then automatically be linked as per the information of Form 11.

d) Is it feasible to upload KYC information and details through the e-Sewa website of UAN?

Yes, it is feasible. Go to the e-Sewa portal and click on the menu. Click on the option “Profile” and then choose “Update KYC Information”. This link lets the members to upload their KYC information and details from their computer. This needs to be permitted by your employer till then the KYC status will look as “Pending”

e) Will this UAN option be accessible to the contractual or non-permanent employees of government?

Yes, it can be accessed by all those who make a contribution towards EPFO and it includes contractual employees too if they are contributing to the EPF.

f) How can one get the incorrect personal details corrected in UAN card?

In case any kind of incorrect information is uploaded, the members must provide the accurate information along with the pertinent proof to the employer. The employer with then authenticate and provide the information to the EPFO. Since the UAN is dynamic in nature, the details in card would get mechanically updated.

  1. g) Why are some people allotted two UANs?

The reason of an individual being allotted two UANs to him could be the Last working day which was not filed by their previous employer. Probably it was a miss and the employer also missed to update the transference of the member’s service to their new company. In this case, the individual must report the concern either to their employers or mark an email to UAN or EPFO stating the duplicate UANs. Post thorough verification, the past UAN will be made inactive, and the new UAN shall stay active. Consequently, you will then be needed to apply for the transfer or withdrawal of funds.


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