UAN Status – Check your UAN status online by PF Number

Know your UAN Status/ Generate the UAN number at Unified portal of EPFO 

Gone are the days when checking the status of PF was a tedious task. With the new and modern technologies coming in, the EPFO of the country is also not lagging behind. You can now easily check the status online. The EPFO allots the UAN to the member or the employee. With the help of UAN helpdesk, the employee can check the UAN and download the UAN passbook through online mediums. The UAN can be very easily transferred through the online portal. 

What is UAN Status?

Checking the UAN Status is very easy and convenient now. You can check your UAN Number that us allotted by the EPFO and it is generally generated by the employer for the employees. In the current scenario, the members can easily discover their UAN number by their UID number, pan card, or their PF number.

Below mentioned are the step by step guidelines of the same:

How to know my UAN Status?

  1. Visit the website ( and click on Know My UAN Status.

Know your UAN Status

  1. Enter the details and the mobile number registered with the UAN portal. Verify the details with the OTP you received on your mobile number.
  2. Enter other details as well such as PF Number, Aadhaar / PAN Card Number, Name, Mobile Number, DOB etc.

After this you will be provided with the UAN Number. You can now go to the UAN Activation or Registration link. 

How to check the status of UAN from the Provident Fund portal:

The process for checking the status of UAN from the portal of provident fund is as under.

  • Visit the official website of unified EPFO portal and click on the required Know My UAN status from the menu.
  • Select the region or state of the Employee Provident Fund Office and enter your PF account number in the designated area.
  • Enter the mandatory details such as name, e-mail address, Date of Birth, and the Mobile Number which is registered with the EPFO.
  • Then hit the check button, and you will receive the message once the UAN is allotted to you.
  • The UAN status will now appear in your screen.

How to generate the UAN Number by UAN status:

You can very easily produce the UAN number by the following steps:

  • In the website of EPFO, enter the details of your office area and state along with provident fund Number. The Provident Fund number is a combination of the assigned PF number, the code assigned to the establishment and the code assigned to the region.
  • Enter the details of your Provident Fund Account and then hit the Check Status. You will receive a message affirming the activation of your UAN.

Process to Verify the Status:

Verifying the UAN status is very easy. You may go through the following procedure to check the status:

  • Visit EPFO’s official website
  • Click and open UAN Link.
  • Fill in your required PF Details and press submit.
  • Select the region or state of the location of your office. This is particularly important as some states have multiple PF regions so you need to fill this detail carefully.
  • After you select your region and State, confirm your PF number.
  • Enter the Organization Number which is same for all the employees.
  • Next is the extension number that you are required to fill in. In case you are now aware of it, you can mention 000 as well.
  • Fill in your 7 digit PF Number
  • Now you can check the status of your UAN. It will be displayed as “Allocated”

Process to verify the UAN Number:

Employees can now check the UAN status online, and also confirm the status of UAN verification. Below is the detailed process to verify the UAN.

  • Visit the EPFO’s official portal.
  • Fill in the member name which should be similar to what he has given in his PF account.
  • Fill in the Date of Birth which should be similar to what he has given in his PF account.
  • Fill in the registered mobile number as the PIN would be sent on this number for authorization.
  • The last step is to fill in the PF Number which is available in your Salary statement. In case it is not there, contact the HR of your organization immediately.
  • After all the essential details are seeded, press Enter. Your UAN number will be verified and the process is now completed.

Please note – the employee must register and then activate the UAN from the member portal. The EPFO has provided a number of facilitates for the people whose UAN is activated. After it is activated, you can easily check the status online by just entering the PF number.

If you face any issues, you can reach out to UAN helpdesk or directly visit the EPFO office to get the solution to your problem. The Toll-Free Number of the UAN Help Desk is 1800 1180 05. You can reach out to them from Mondays to Fridays from 09:15 AM to 05:45 PM.

Features of UAN status:

  • The UAN serves as an umbrella for the members who have multiple accounts.
  • Universal Account Number or UAN has to be allotted by the EPFO – Employee Provident Fund Organization.
  • Every employer has to create a member ID for its employees through the UAN and with each UAN, KYC details have to be entered such as PAN, Aadhaar card details, and the Bank account number. 

Other portals

There is a portal which is known as Unified Portal for EPF. These portals are easily available on the authorized website of the EPFO. Along with this, they have launched UAN Passbook holder. Some of the salient features of these portals are as under:

  • Easy and convenient download and printing of UAN card at any given time of convenience.
  • Easy updation of contact and KYC details can be done on this portal.
  • One can easily activate the UAN Status at any given time
  • It is a one-time registration process which is done by the member himself.

Unified UAN Portal member interface

Though this portal got launched in the year 2016 in the month of December there had been some issued faced by the members such as downtime and other technical errors. But things have improved and you can now check the entire profile information on the Unified UAN portal. This information will contain your UAN number, name, DOB and member id. You can check the balance of EPF online and you wouldn’t need to download the passbook as well. You can directly download the UAN card or even check it on the same portal.  

The step by step procedure is as under: 

  • Visit the homepage of UAN Unified portal. Click on Home, click on view, and then click on manage and then click on account.
  • Click on the View menu of the Account and check the Passbook and the UAN Card. The history of your account will appear here.
  • For updating the contact information and the proof of KYC documents, go to UAN portal and then click on Manage. Here you can easily upload all your essential documents. 

How can you view or update the profile on the New Unified UAN Portal?

It is very easy to change or edit the details on the profile. In the profile, all the essential details are available related to the employee. These are either provided by the employer while generating the UAN number or by the employee himself. These are all the personal details inclusive of the contact information and the educational qualification details as well. The password of the UAN portal can also be changed easily. All you need is the registered mobile number. In case you do not have the registered mobile number, reach out to the UAN helpdesk.  

Download UAN Passbook from the Unified Portal

The details available on the Unified UAN portal include the following:

  • PF balance
  • Withdrawal details of PF
  • Transfer details of PF
  • Employer contribution of PF and pension

You can also easily download the UAN passbook from the Unified portal. Below is the process of the same.

  • Enter the link of UAN portal –
  • In case you are logging in for the first time, you would need to activate the UAN number. Otherwise you can simply begin by entering your user name and password while logging in the UAN portal.
  • Click on the Submit Button and you will find three tabs there.
  • Click on the tab named View Passbook and you will get to see the passbook details of your UAN.

The features of this Unified UAN portal are:

  • Easy and convenient download and print of your passbook and the UAN card.
  • Changing or updating the contact information
  • Changing or updating the KYC status.

Advantages of having online UAN:

If you have the UAN passbook online, then you can expect the following advantages:

  • Printing of UAN passbook:

You can easily download the passbook which has the details of your provident fund. All you need to do is log into UAN Portal and simply download the PF passbook in the prescribed PDF format.

  • Download UAN card:

You can also download the UAN card from the authorized website by entering in your account

  • Updation of Know your Customer (KYC) Documents:

Upgrade and update your essential KYC documents by simply uploading the scanned copies on UAN Passbook or the UAN Page. Upload your ID and address proof, and contact details such as email ID and registered mobile number.

  • Listing the Member IDs:

The UAN can helps in listing the members IDs. If you have the login, you can easily update your list of member IDs too.

  • Checking the status of the Account:

If you wish to check the status of your PF account just log in on UAN homepage.

Download EPFO passbook from the Member portal

The individuals who have activated their UAN Numbers can also download the UAN Passbook to check the credit details and their balance in the PF account. Individuals who do not have the UAN portal details can also get their EPF statement from the previously used EPFO portal. This passbook is available in the format of PDF so it might be a challenge to check the same on the mobile device.

But now the mobile app of EPFO can be downloaded and the missed call services could be activated to keep a track of the PF account. The mobile app is easily available on the Play store.

The EPFO passbook contains all the transactions pertaining to your balance of EPF. SMS alerts are also available now and they are almost like you get while making a bank transaction. You can also keep a track of your employer contribution on the EPF as in some case irregular or insufficient contribution of PF by the employer has come into notice.

How to check your EPF balance online

EPF stands for Provident Fund and it is that amount which an individual saves from his salary every month. The same amount is contributed by the employer as well and it is preserved with the Government till you decide to part ways from the job or some other exigency is there. PF is an amount that is very helpful when people retire and they need money the most. The best part is that EPF comes with interest. So whatever amount you are accumulating, there is compounding interest accrued on the same. You can now easily check your EPF balance online. For this the government has launched UAN. So register yourself with UAN and get the same activated. It is mandatory for all the people who make a contribution to the PF.

To check the EPF balance online, below mentioned are the detailed steps:

Each and every individual must know how to check the EPF Balance. It is best to download the EPF Passbook and keep it updated after every transaction. Let us find out how you can check your PF Balance with or without UAN. Actually these days, you can even check your PF Balance by making use of the SMS alert or the Missed Call Service.

  • Visit the page at
  • Click on the link “Click Here to know your EPF Balance”. You will be then redirected to another page.
  • Find “Member Balance Information” and from the dropdown menu select your region or state.
  • Select your EPFO Office and click on the Office Link.
  • Fill in your PF number, name and registered mobile number.
  • Hit “Submit”. Your PF Balance will now be displayed on the screen.

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